JEFF KAISER - trumpet, electronics
with JASON PONCE - live video
Saturday March 1, 2014

The Piano Kitchen
430 Rose Ave
Santa Barbara, California 93101

Admission is $5

posted on wednesday, february 26 2014

JEFF KAISER - trumpet, electronics
with JASON PONCE - live video
Wednesday February 19, 2014

posted on thursday, february 13 2014

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

John Fumo - trumpet
Jeff Gauthier - electric violin
Wayne Peet - organ, electric keyboards
David Witham - electric piano
Steuart Liebig - bass guitarts, electronics
Alex Cline - drums, percussion

JEFF KAISER - trumpet, electronics
with JASON PONCE - live video
Sunday February 12, 2014

Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
2225 Colorado Blvd.,
Eagle Rock

Admission is $10, students, seniors, and series performers half price

posted on saturday, february 1 2014

James Ilgenfritz presents work from his recent CD, Compositions Braxton 2011; a classic mid-60s work from Pauline Oliveros, two premieres for bass and live electronics from Annie Gosfield and JG Thirlwell, new electroacoustic works by Jason Ponce, and Reinier Van Houdt presents a solo piano performance of Italian avant-garde composer Walter Marchetti's new solo piano work Concerto per la Mano Sinistra in un Solo Movimento.

Thursday December 12, 2013

509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

posted on thursday, december 5 2013

TrashTalk Theater
presents an interactive double feature: Children of the Stars (2012) and Zardoz (1974) to the Victory Theater. This event will feature LIVE interactive commentary with director Bill Perrine!

Thursday March 7, 2013
Victory Theater
2558 Imperial Ave.
San Diego
Doors open at 6:30pm

posted on tuesday, february 5 2013

Viva Voce
interactive sound and video installation.


Opening and Artist Reception
7PM 10PM


Human Resources is an art/performance space that is located at:
410 Cottage Home St in Chinatown, 90012

Visit the Viva Voce website

posted on tuesday, january 22 2013

TrashTalk Theater
brings an interactive screening of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (1978) to the outdoor stage at Space 4 Art, an 18,000-square-foot center for art and culture in the East Village. The evening begins with a pre-show presentation by local artist Clint McCallum, and live music by The G. Burns Jug Band!

Tuesday October 30, 2012
Space 4 Art
San Diego
Doors open at 6:30pm

posted on friday, september 28 2012

Primal Screen is a user-centered interactive artwork that lets visitors experience a brief glimpse of the inner lives of the people that surround us. The piece asks visitors to share a cathartic moment in the form of a scream, which is processed digitally and projected throughout a gallery space on three video projectors and 5 speakers.

Primal Screen is being presented at the Art of Sound, a sound art event featuring many southern California artists.

Click here for more information

Saturday August 25, 2012
Space 4 Art
San Diego

posted on thursday, august 16 2012

Wave Energy Series No. 1


Cloudseeder (Jason Ponce)
No Fancy (Joe Cantrell, Meghan Welsh, Clint Davis)
Mem1 (Laura Cetilia & Mark Cetilia)

Saturday June 9, 2012
Experimental Theater
Conrad Prebys Music Center
La Jolla, CA
7:30 pm

posted on friday, june 8 2012

I am teaming up with pianist Brendan Nguyen as he performs Schubert, Rameau and premiers new works by Aaron Helgeson, Nicholas Deyoe and Clint McCallum. I am creating a mutimedia extravaganza for this event, including 5 channels of video.

Friday April 13, 2012
Experimental Theater
Conrad Prebys Music Center
La Jolla, CA

posted on saturday, march 31 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 8:00 PM

Notations: The Cage Effect Today Presents:

James Ilgenfritz' The Ticket That Exploded (2011)
Elliott Sharp's Quadrature (2005)

Elliott Sharp. Quadrature for electroacoustic guitar solo (2005)

Performed on a customized godin guitar, Quadrature manifests
many of the diverse elements in sharps compositional and
improvisational language.

James Ilgenfritz. The Ticket that Exploded (2011)

Ilgenfritz presents his 2011 opera, based on William Burroughs 1962
dystopian science-fiction novel The Ticket That Exploded with a cast
of 5 vocalists, 11 instrumentalists, two conductors, and live digital
video processing.

Jason Ponce - live video processing
Nick DeMaison - conductor

Anne Rhodes / Megan Schubert / Nick Hallett / Steve Dalachinsky / Ryan Opperman - voices

Denman Maroney / Julianne Carney / Nathan Bontrager - strings
Ty Citerman / Taylor Levine - guitars
Douglas Detrich / Josh Sinton / Jay Rozen - winds
Vinnie Sperazza / John O'Brien / Andrew Drury - percussion

Hunter College
Lang Recital Hall
424 Hunter North
E 69th st (between Park and Lexington avenues)
New York, NY

/// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// ///

posted on sunday, march 11 2012

New media artist Jason Ponce brings TrashTalk Theater to New York City with an interactive screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain" at the Douglass St. Music Collective. This is a rare opportunity to experience this incredible film in a uniquely social way.

About TrashTalk Theater:

Trashtalk Theater is an interactive cinema experience that invites the audience to submit their own subtitles, thoughtful observations and/or snide commentary directly to the screen as films are viewed. This allows for alternative, group-articulated interpretations of the typical movie watching experience. The effect can be absurd or serious, profound or hilarious, all depending on the film, the mood of the audience, and how quickly the crowd can think (and type) on its feet.

To participate in Trashtalk Theater, come armed with your quick wits and knowledge of obscure cinema, and bring with you any web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

TrashTalk Theater presents:
Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain"
The Douglass St. Music Collective
295 Douglass St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Saturday March 10, 8pm

Go to The TrashTalk Theater website for more details.

posted on tuesday, march 6 2012

Ensemble Sospeso begins its 2012 season exploring seminal works for solo performer and electronics, including Luigi Nonos La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura (1988-89) and Pierre Boulezs Dialogue de lombre double (1985). Presented in the highly versatile Cary Hall at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, Sospeso is teaming with designer Lisa Marks and The Art of Tension to radically transform the performance environment. The featured works on the program are not only an exploration of sound, but an exploration of the physical space in which music occurs. More information here.

Pierre Boulez: Dialogue de lombre Double (1985)
Kimmo Hakola: Capriole (1991)
Mark Menzies: Swongering Butterfly (2012)
Luigi Nono: La Lontananza nostalgica utopica futura (1988-1989)

Alicia Lee, clarinet
Mark Menzies, violin
Jason Ponce, electronics

Friday, March 2
Cary Hall
The DiMenna Center for Classical Music
450 W.37th St.
New York, NY

posted on wednesday, february 22 2012

Pentalocus is a realtime telematic multimedia event in collaboration with artists at UCSD, NYU, Concordia University (Montreal), Queens University (Belfast) and the Hamburg Hochschule of Music (Germany).

November 20, 2011 in the Experimental Theater, Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD.
Event Info.

Live feeds here:

posted on friday, december 16 2011

TrashTalk Theater presents an October ArtPower screening of the hilarious 'Psycho Beach Party' at The Loft. Information and tickets here.

Also visit the Trashtalk Theater website.

posted on monday, october 3 2011

I am collaborating with bassist and composer James Ilgenfritz on a multimedia opera rendering of the William Burroughs novel The Ticket that Exploded, premiering at the Issue Project Room on October 29 2011 in New York City.

"An Opera based on William Burroughs 1962 dystopian novel about identity disintegration, oppression of humanitys collective consciousness through technological influence, and revolution through the subversion of those very technologies. Featuring music by James Ilgenfritz, vocalists Ted Hearne, Nick Hallett, Melissa Hughes, Anne Rhodes, Steve Dalachnsky, and Ryan Opperman, an ensemble of fifteen instrumentalists, and live video projections from Jason Ponce, the opera will be organized using the same cut-up techniques and emphasis on language that distinguishes Burroughs literary work."

Please also visit our Kickstarter site:

The Ticket That Exploded

posted on monday, september 5 2011

TrashTalk Theater presents an October screening at The Loft. Information and tickets here.

posted on sunday, august 28 2011

TT3K brings to the outdoor stage at Space 4 Art, an 18,000-square-foot center for art and culture in the East Village, the 20th Century masterwork, Showgirls (1995).

Written by Joe Eszterhas and directed by Paul Verhoeven (whose previous collaboration brought us Basic Instinct), Showgirls features an all-star cast led by former teen star, Elizabeth Berkley and includes Kyle MacLachlan and Gina Gershon. Showgirls is a classic showbiz tale of chorus girl turned overnight sensation, Nomi Malone, who ultimately realizes that fame and money come at a hefty price. With a screenplay that rivals the best telenovela, Showgirls provides more camp and gratuitous nudity (Berkley spends 20 minutes of the film entirely nude!) than one might expect from seasoned professionals as Verhoeven and Eszterhas, which has helped secure its status as a beloved guilty pleasure and cult classic. According to Roger Eberts 1995 review, "Showgirls is trash, yes, but not boring".

To participate in Trashtalk Theater 3000, bring any web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and come armed with plenty of snark.

TT3K presents: Showgirls
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Doors open at 8pm/film begins at sundown
$5 General Admission

posted on sunday, august 21 2011


Acousmatic junk music & deconstructed performance practice for bozo pomo brutalists.

Jason Ponce: Guitar, Accordian, Electronics, Video, Algorithms

[Guest Performers]

Noe Senna : oud, objectes
Alex Offeran: guitar, bass
Bianca Teixeira : voice, objects
Andrea Vesela : clarinet, laptop
Joe Cantrell : guitar, electronics

Contact :

Turn this way, way down.


During the summer of 2010 I was an artist-in-residence at High Concept Laboratories in Chicago, IL. My time there was spent developing my interactive sound and light installation Flox. Flox explores multi-modal interactivity by asking visitors to engage their bodies with an interactive environment that presents them with increasingly complex sonic puzzles.

The system uses four interconnected overhead cameras and a custom computer vision application to persistently track users withing a large gallery space. See my paper Flox: A Multi-Modal Approach to Group-Embodied Sound Art for a detailed discussion of the mechanics and technology behind the piece.

My friend Jeremy Bessoff produced a short film Flox:


Kuklos is a large scale, site-specific sound installation developed at Lucerne Valley Flats, California. Linear time in music, as we tend to think of it, is changed by distance into something like the ancient Greek notion of cyclic time, recurrent and fluid. The piece takes place within a circle on the desert floor that is about a 3/4 miles in diameter, an area large enough to use the speed of sound through air as a compositional element. Speakers ringing the installation space produce moments of synchronous and asynchronous sound events that evolve throughout the day, allowing visitors to discover resonant nodes, beating patterns, and interesting phasing relationships within a giant organized sound field.

Memory Theater

Memory Theater is an interactive sound installation that places a human voice reciting passages describing Giulio Camillo's Memory Theater, an imagined historical structure dedicated to the art of memory. This narrative is fragmented into clouds of words, phrases and phonemes presented inside an evolving algorithmically generated soundscape that is internally consistent yet often indistinct, like a dream or a fading memory. A video camera analyzes the room for the movement and orientation of the installation's visitors, whose dynamics drive the evolution of the soundscape. The voice and spoken text remain fragmented and unintelligible while any movement or activity is detected. The collective stillness of the room provides clarity.

Now largely lost to time and obscurity, Giulio Camillo was once one of the most famous minds of the 16th Century. This piece''s title is borrowed from his ambitious project to build an amphitheater full of objects and imagery that would serve as a vast mnemonic repository, and which would facilitate incredible feats of memorization. In fact, Camillo's Memory Theater was never built, and so exists only in the form of the original architectural plan. In this sense Camillo's theater is both a literal mapping of mind to form and a figurative portrayal of man's relationship with the imagined.


{Percept} is based on a pen and paper exercise I created years ago that was turned into a an interactive multimedia installation during a collaboration with William Brent in early 2006. The piece uses 4 walls of projected video and 4 channels of spatialized audio to create a completely immersive environment. Sound content is provided by visitors to the installation, who are asked to contribute by interpreting abstract concepts with sound before entering the installation space. These renderings are processed, and all aspects of the installation evolve according to how visitors interact with the system.

Technical Notes

Managing 4 walls of realtime interactive video, adaptive audio processing and surround spatialization, not to mention the user interface and voting functions, all requires a lot of computing power. To accomplish this, {Percept} uses 6 networked computers, all of which share data, report to each other on their status and continually adapt to the actions of visitors. Components for the installation are shared by machines whenever possible (the user interface, voting system, and system logic are all hosted on one machine for example), but further consolidation proved impossible within the limits of our hardware.

The innards: Max/MSP and Jitter is used for video processing, audio recording and playback, sound synthesis, user interfaces, system logic and health monitoring. Audio processing and spatialization are done in Suppercollider. Communication between machines takes place via OSC over switched ethernet

Video Clips
Taken at Collision Symposium, 2006.Percept Move (hi res, 25MB) | Percept Movie (low res, 7MB)

Primal Screen

Primal Screen is an interactive multimedia installation whose content is entirely visitor-generated. It presents a series of brief but intimate encounters with the inner lives of the people that surround us, rendered as a single moment of catharsis: a scream.

The installation collects multi-channel video and audio from visitors who wish to contribute a scream to the work. These materials are recorded and processed, allowing the intensity and timbral qualities of the screams to control the degree of video and audio processing. The screams are rendered throughout the gallery on 5 channels of sound and 3 channels of video, one channel of video for the center, left and right sides of the face.

By providing a personal and physical stake in the work itself, and by presenting a unique social context for a unique kind of self portrait, Primal Screen complicates the notion of artistic authorship and (I hope) deepens individual connections with interactive media.

GALO Magazine produced a podcast where I discuss this project.

Radiant Tongues

Processcore dark sorcery for people with strange aesthetics.

Jason Ponce : Guitar, Electronics
James Ilgenfritz : Contrabass

2014 West Coast tour and record release upcoming. Stay tuned...


A multimedia urban intervention of transitional spaces, in this case a ruined gas station in downtown San Diego. This work extends organic, site-specific video processing onto the cracking walls of non-spaces. In becoming transient yet viable gathering centers, non-spaces allow for a new knowledge of decay, reuse and in-betweenness within areas of increasing density.


The Seven Tragedies of Space Travel

For SToST I designed a collection of robust multimedia performance tools for this experimental concert-theater collaboration with pianist Brendan Nguyen. The overarching framework was to present a selection of piano repertoire (both old and new) in a typical concert setting, but to then slowly obliterate all traditional concert tropes. The resulting experience is a somewhat non-linear multimedia narrative about transition and identity.

The system I developed employs a cluster of networked computers running custom software capable of rendering 5 simultaneous channels of real-time video processing, including a 20 foot, 3-channel video wall, and a grid-mounted projector that allows projections onto the floor. The system uses a customized cuing system for precision transitions, and also provides a performance framework that allows for a high degree of spontaneous decision-making and visual improvisation.

SToST features music by Schubert, Rameau, and new works by Aaron Helgeson, Nicholas Deyoe and Clint McCallum.










The Machine Breathes

The Machine Breathes was the final New York concert of Ensemble Sospeso's 2011-2012 concert series, 'The Renaissance is Now'. I joined members of Sospeso to realize electroacoustic works by Pierre Boulez and Luigi Nono, Mark Menzies and Kimmo Hakola:

Pierre Boulez: Dialogue de lombre double
Mark Menzies: Swongering Butterfly
Kimmo Hakola: Capriole
Luigi Nono: La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura

With a tension fabric installation by Lisa Marks






The Ticket That Exploded

The Ticket That Exploded: an Ongoing Opera NYC Premiere

The Ticket That Exploded: An Ongoing Opera is an experimental opera created by James Ilgenfritz Jason Ponce. The opera is based on the William S. Burroughs novel The Ticket That Exploded, and employs many of the literary techniques Burroughs used in his original texts. We made specific use of his cut-up technique in this project: the music is partially composed and partially improvised, and the visual design uses a combination of found footage and live processing, created with custom software that allows a high degree of flexibility while performing. True to Burroughs' cut-up style, this semi-composed approach allows for unscripted juxtaposition of sonic and visual materials, and the spontaneous creation and destruction of meaning. The opera is therefore 'ongoing', since no two performances can ever be the same.

The Ticket That Exploded: An Ongoing Opera premiered October 29, 2011 Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY.


Jason Ponce: "staging", live video, realtime interaction

Anne Rhodes / Megan Schubert / Ted Hearne / Nick Hallett: Voices
Steve Dalachinsky / Ryan Opperman / Melissa Hughes: Video voices

Nick DeMaison: conductor

Denman Maroney / Julianne Carney / Nathan Bontrager: strings
Ty Citerman / Taylor Levine: guitars
Douglas Detrich / Josh Sinton / Jay Rozen: winds
Vinnie Sperazza / John OBrien / Andrew Drury: percussion

Three Years of Light

A collaboration with composer Nicholas DeMaison. Three Years of Light explores the possibilities of gesture and enactive approaches to composition and performance. We have created a piece for prepared piano, electronics and two performers, one of whom plays at the keyboard and another who prepares and deprepares the piano throughout the piece. Our setup involves an array of microphones that sample sound for processing and spatialization. A video camera arranged with a top-down view of the inside of the piano feeds a computer which captures and analyzes the movements and gestures of the performers. This allows for different regions of the soundboard to be mapped and played, not only by physically manipulating the piano preparations themselves, but also via the movement of hands, arms and body, as they move across the computer's visual field. For example sound can be spatialized and "thrown" around the room by sweeping one''s arms. A gesture memory system allows for these gestures to be remembered by the computer and referred to later in different ways throughout the piece.

Video from the premier performance, with:

Julia DenBoer, piano
Jennifer Torrence, percussion
Jason Ponce, electronics

TrashTalk Theater

Trashtalk Theater is an interactive cinema experience that invites the audience to submit their own subtitles, thoughtful observations and/or snide commentary directly to the screen as films are viewed. This allows for alternative, group-articulated interpretations of the typical movie watching experience. The effect can be silly or serious, profound or hilarious, all depending on the film, the mood of the audience, and how quickly the crowd can think (and type) on its feet.

Please visit the TrashTalk Theater website for more information, bookings, etc.

Unusual Encounter

The Unusual Encounter Experimental Arts Festival is an irregular, highly autonomous context for experimental art and music that takes place in various outdoor locations in the California deserts and hill county. Calls for proposals go out annually.

Contact Jason Ponce directly for more information.

Viva Voce

Viva Voce celebrates vocal performance art in an interactive and experimental context and through this lens explores voice, body relationships, and the self.

Katharina Rosenberger, Heiko Kalmbach and Jason Ponce.The project features work by vocal artists Juliana Snapper (Los Angeles), Shelley Hirsch (New York), and Pamela Z (San Francisco).

Visit the Viva Voce website


Jason Ponce is a multimedia artist, musician and interactive arts researcher.

contact: jason at