Jason Ponce is an award-winning intermedia artist, composer, and interactive arts researcher. He brings elements of design, engineering, and scientific inquiry to his creative work, which ranges from music composition and performance, data-informed immersive interactive experiences, real-time sound and video processing, and multi-channel audio spatialization. Aside from the design and development of artworks that rely on emerging technologies, Jason is also an expert in confronting the unique problems presented by the long term preservation and conservation of artworks that face increasing pressures towards technological obsolescence.

Jason has been active in the experimental music scenes in NYC, Berlin, Los Angeles, and San Diego, and has worked closely with many prominent figures in contemporary art and music, including multiple Pulitzer Prize, Macarthur Award, and Grammy Award recipients. Past and recent collaborators include: Nam June Paik, John Luther Adams, James Turrell, Terry Allen, Pauline Oliveros, George Lewis, Roger Reynolds, Susan Narucki. His creative work has been presented throughout the United States and Europe, and during artist residencies at the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (Netherlands), Studio für elektroakustische Musik (Bauhaus Universität, Germany), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Issue Project Room (NYC), the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (Berkeley), CCRMA (Stanford University), and High Concept Laboratories (Chicago).

Jason is also an engineer at Stanford University, and founder and artistic director of interactive design org Eidetic, which develops custom hardware and software tools for electroacoustic performance, interactive installation, and realtime multimedia for stage and theater.

contact: jason @ emptyset